#LekkiMassacre: UK Parliamentarians to debate sanction on Nigerian officials over the Lekki Massacre

The UK Parliament has slated November 23 to debate sanctions against the Muhammadu Buhari administration over its handling of the historic #EndSARS protests last month.

The parliamentarians is planning to debate a petition from hundreds of thousands of Nigerians that asking the parliament to look into the killings and gross violations of human rights abuses by security forces and other officials. The petitions were filed online last month.

The Nigerian federal Government has not arrested or held anyone accountable on the killing of protesters by Nigerian soldiers on October 20. As against this, the President Buhari has vowed not to allowed any protests of the scale of the #EndSARS to take place again in Nigeria.

Additionally, the government is haunting hundreds of young people said to have taken part in the protests, while intimidation and travel restrictions have been placed as well. Both the military and civilian authorities have maintained no wrongdoing in the attacks.

A recent CNN investigations revealed that soldiers did indeed fire live bullets at the protesters.

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