#ENDSARS: We will defend the country and her democracy “at all cost” – Army threatens

The Nigerian Army has annouced it will not hesitate to take decisive action against persons it tagged “subversive elements and trouble makers” and warned them to desist from such acts.#

The army reiterated it remains committed to defending the country and her democracy “at all cost.”

The Nigerian Army threatened to ‘deal with any situation decisively’, without a mention of the raging #ENDSARS protests rocking parts of the country demanding a complete reform of the Nigerian Police Force.

The recent statement by the Nigerian Army may not be unconnected to the recent wave of protests demanding an end to the history of police brutality and extra-judicial killings by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).


  • #Endsars#Endpolicebrutality#Endthe killings of innocent Nigerians: That is what the Nigerian youths are clamouring for. We are voicing for a better and transpirent democracy which the army claim to is defending. Kill us but we won’t give up. It is time for we to
    #Ruleourworld… Give us what we need not what you want. After all you are there to serve not to rule.
    #accountability is what we demand… Time for close mouth don waka now the youths can not only see but also SAY!!

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