Rep’s aide caught trying to break into another lawmaker’s office

A Legislative Assistant to a member of the House of Representatives, representing Adamawa State, was on Friday caught breaking into the office of another lawmaker from Kano State, Kabiru Idris.

The legislative aide, Kabir Muhammed Lawal, works for Hon. Mustafa Saidu, who represents Fufore/Song Federal Constituency in Adamawa State.

Mr. Lawal who was identified when a closed-circuit television camera(CCTV) footage of the incident was played hails from Offa, Kwara State.

People around when the incident took place say that the suspect had in times past presented himself as a journal in a bid to extort money from officials of Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government.

The Member of the House of Representatives whose Office was broken into, Idris Chairman of the House Committee on Civil Society Organisations and Donor Agencies, says the suspect had monitored him for a while and noticed when he left the office. He said the CCTV cameras showed that the Suspect had tried several keys until he succeeded in opening the office.

In his brief comment on the incident, the Honourable Member stated that Lawal allegedly broke into his office after using several keys, within 15 minutes of exiting the office.

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