#ENDSARS: Osun & Abuja protests go violent

ENDSARS protests in Osun and Abuja have turned violent on Friday.

Youths from most parts of Southern Nigeria have been hitting the street to protest against police brutality and extortion.

Protests over the past few days have proceeded with zero to minimal casualties, safe for the shooting of a policenman yesterday in Ughelli Delta State. However, policemen were reported to have shot sporadically into the air in Osun and Abuja in a bid to disperse the protesters.

Heavy gridlock was witnessed in Osogbo, at the Ola-Iya junction.

Protesters were reported to have thrown stones at the security operatives as they tried to resist any attempt to stop the protest.

The policemen first took refuge beside their Armoured Personnel Carriers stationed at the junction, but later shot sporadically to disperse the angry youths.

In Abuja, security operatives teargassed and shot indiscriminately to disperse the protesters.

In a video that surfaced online, the protesters were seen running helter-skelter.

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