UAE Deportation: Nigerians and others to know their fate in NOvember

Nigerians and other foreigners in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) whose resident visas will expire before the 17th of November 2020 are to leave the country.

The country has decided to suspend visa extensions for foreign residents and expatriates due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, residents with visas expiring before March 1 had until August 18 to leave the country without having to pay a fine, but now, they have until November 17. However, based on the modified COVID-19 visa policies that took effect from August 1, foreign residents currently in the country will have to leave the country until Novemeber 17th if they are not able to renew their visas by October 10.

Normally, UAE residents, they have 30 days’ grace period after visa expiry to either amend their status and get another resident visa or leave the country.

However, Foreign Affairs Ministry officials who spoke anonymously noted that the Nigerians, Pakistanis, Iranians, Bangladeshis and Indians, ignored the directive to leave the country.

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