75 Nigerians rescued from the Sahara Desert

Nigerians numbering 75, of which 41 were women, including twin four-year-old girls, as well as four Togolese, three Ghanaians, and a Malian have been rescued in the Sahara Desert by the International Organisation for Migration(IOM).

Those who left Nigeria the passed through the Nigerien transit town of Agadez, the main stepping-off point for African migrants trying to cross into Europe via Libya, a week earlier.

IOM reports that the rescue was carried out on September 1, after the migrants were left to their fate by their managers. The migrants were abandoned as soon as the drivers spotted military vehicles ahead.

As soon as the migrant were rescued they were received with relief materials and food items and then taken on isolation and also tested for COVID-19.

Due to the terrain of Sahara, vehicles are known to be prone to breakdowns in the heat frequently exceeding 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit). Such vehicles are typically left in the dessert once they breakdown, especially when the traffickers encounter checkpoints, or military patrols.

More than 250 migrants were picked up in April near Madama, near Niger’s border with Libya.

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