'We Have Large Campuses With Small Population, Allow Us To Resume' Private Universities Begs NUC

Private Universities in Nigeria has submitted a request to the National Universities Commission (NUC) that it is high time the university governing body allowed the private owned universities to reopen as they are fully ready for resumption.
The Chairman of the Committee of Vice- Chancellors and Registrars of Private Universities , Prof . Timothy Olagbemiro, made this known in an interview that the private universities had big campuses with small population which would give room for social distancing.
He also maintained that resumption would be done in phases , adding that university laboratories also needed to be opened for researches to take place.
Olagbemiro also said that once the NUC has given the green light, they will put everything needed in place. He added that they don ’ t want to resume fully but they will do it in phases whereby the year one and graduating students can resume to take their final exams after which the year two and three will follow suit.
He also said that it is just the high time the government allowed the private universities to reopen because opening of academics will enhance more research to fight the Covid-19 pandemic as well as others things.
The Chairman concluded that he hope that the NUC consider their request, putting in mind that they are job providers and they needed to pay salaries which can’t be done when schools remain closed.

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