Restaurant Places Curses On Customers Who Block Its Toilets

A US restaurant has left an unusual notice at the entrance of its restroom over misusage of the facilities.
The notice was seen in Finger Licking Restaurant on Bissonet Street in Houston, Texas. It warned customers against blocking their toilet and placed a curse on anyone who does so.

The notice reads “God will block your blessings if you keep blocking the toilet with excess tissue. Use minimal amount of tissue and throw excesses in the trash can provided. Use the trash can provided for sanitary pad. baby diaper, and wipes and hand towel.”
This has generated reactions on social in which many said the manner in which the restaurant addressed the issue is just unprofessional while many other said the action is the right way to deal with dump and stupid individuals.
Another person who reacted jokingly said the restaurant must be owned by a Nigerian.

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