Arthur Eze Reveals What Igbo Must Do To Become Nigeria President In 2023

Prince Arthur Eze, has admonished that Igbo should develop the spirit of self-love if their long aspiration of having a person of the extraction as the President of this country in 2023, if not it will take God for an Igbo man to become Nigeria ’ s President .
The oil tycoon said this after a church service on Sunday.
According to him, the Igbo people do not love another and are not united.
Ahead of the 2023 general elections , Eze advised the Ndigbo not to crave for a President of Igbo extraction but a President who would champion their interest irrespective of his tribe .
He declared that he would support a good leader as Nigerian President irrespective of the person ’ s ethnic group .
Eze said that for the Igbo to be President , they must love themselves . He questioned that do they (Igbo) love themselves?.
He further said that the North is very kind and that if one you go to northern Nigerian, churches would be seen everywhere from Kano, to Sokoto, Kaduna, Abuja and to other northern states which is not very common in Igbo land. will see churches everywhere . There are churches in Kano, Sokoto , Kaduna , Abuja and others yet they say there is hatred .
The business man said Igbo need to develop self-love within themselves or else it will only take God to make an Igbo man President . He added that they shall pray to God to find an Igbo man who has character to help people and he would would prefer someone who has conscience ; somebody who will remember him.

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