'Why We Stopped 58 Nigerian Doctors From Going To UK' NIS

Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) has revealed the reason why the 58 medical doctors were denied departure to United Kingdom.
Speaking to newsmen on the development, NIS spokesperson, Sunday James said that only two of the 58 doctors had visa on them and as such there is no way they would be allowed to leave the country.
It was gathered that the affected doctors actually got a job offer from a yet to be identified Hospital in the United Kingdom.
The recruitment process was conducted by a UK recruitment firm, NES Healthcare, helping UK health care providers to recruit personnel worldwide.
It was also learnt that the firm had sent a mail to the doctors that it had gotten approval from the UK government to fly them to England and then issue them visas on arrival.
The doctors were also asked, through the mail, to pay £500 for tickets on a chartered flight to convey them from Lagos to London.
The aircraft flight number ENT 550, registration number SP-ES that flew in from London left Lagos yesterday without the doctors.
However, the NIS spokesperson said that Immigration service was not against labour migration but such must be done with due process followed to the latter.
He also noted that the Immigration was only carrying out its statutory duty of control of entry and exit and couldn’t take any risk, especially as it was a chartered aircraft that came into the country to pick persons without any prior notification.
James reiterated that the decision of the medical doctors to attempt to leave the country without visa was tantamount to smuggling, which is an Immigration offence but the immigration service was not interested in punishing them but turning them back would serve as deterrence to others who might want indulge in such immigration abuse.

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