'What New EFCC Boss Must Do To Succeed ' Staff Give Tips

Some staff ofEconomic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have given out some tips to the newly confirmed Acting Chairman of commission, Muhammad Umar in order for him not to fall in to pit which swallowed his predecessor.
This is a coming after President Muhammadu Buhari had bring an end to the speculation about who would be the next EFCC boss by appointing the Director of Operations at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mohammed Umar, as the commission’s new boss.

The staff of the commission who pleaded anonymity reacting to the appointment said the it is a well deserved one, however for him to succeed, Umar must undo a lot of the decisions Magu made, like acknowledging ‘unjust dismissals’, some of which have been judged in court in favour of the staff, by effecting the judgments and reinstatement.
The staff again said that he must return the training of staff to the commission’s academy and return it to its pride of place before the emergence of Magu in 2015.
Another staff said he must also restore strict adherence and implementation of the rights and privileges of the staff of the commission by bringing back the implementation and enforcement of the Staff Regulations of our commission which had always been the yardstick before Magu,” another staff said.
A senior official of the EFCC said Umar must have the courage to recognize and acknowledge the ranking system of the commission and discontinue the internal strife that continues to grow within as regards promotion, responsibility of regulars who were usually made to condescend to police officers lower in rank on grounds of “experience”.
“He must undo the creation of many redundant and non-efficient zonal offices which Magu created with no sincere purpose but to siphon funds which otherwise would have been used for operation costs. He must pay cognizance to the specialized trained forensic and special duty officers and their units because they were trained at a huge expense only for Magu to transfer them out on a frivolous basis,” the official said.
In the same vein a female staff said the new EFCC boss must ensure that career progression as stalled by Magu to allow police superiority in the commission, be addressed as many promotions have been stalled for years.
She further said that he must ensure prompt payment of backlog of staff allowances which have altogether been stopped for years by Magu. She also added that delays in payment of operational travel allowances and nonpayment thereof must stop.
Another staff stated that he must begin to observe the rights of alleged persons in EFCC media publications in line with the adherence to the not guilty until proven guilty by law aspect, to avoid defamation of character and other unnecessary litigations by persons investigated.
He added that he must strive to achieve special courts for corruption to hasten the judicial process in corruption cases because our cases are sometimes deliberately made to linger for no reason.

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