‘Facemask Causes Failed Transactions’ Banks Explain

Users of Automated Teller Machines have been urged by their respective banks that they should endeavour to remove their facemasks when carrying out transactions through the machine to ensure that their faces are properly recognised in order to prevent failed transactions.

This which is against the wearing of face masks as a condition to enter the banking halls in this pandemic period was said to have been a necessary exemption as wearing of Facemask while using the ATM might hinder successful transaction due to the fact some banks have installed face detection features in their ATMs which can prevent an ATM from dispensing cash if it is unable to recognise the face of the user.

In an email to its customers on measures to keep transactions protected , Fidelity Bank said that wearing of face masks is a safety and precautionary measure which must be adhered to in this period of the COVID- 19 pandemic and however advised that customers should remove their mask while making withdrawals or carrying out ATM transactions to allow the ATM to properly recognise them.

In the same development, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc in an email to its customers listed its branches that would be accessible to customers .

It said customers should not come to the banking hall without wearing Facemask.

It added that customers can withdraw up N150,000 from the ATM and they can safe themselves from stress and do the transaction at home to keep safe.

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