NUT Kicks Against Schools Reopening, Says Teachers Can't Be Used As Guinea Pigs

The apex organization of teachers in the country, Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) has kicked against the directive given by the government for schools to reopen in order to have graduating students prepare for their external exams, saying that there are no provision whatsoever to protect the teachers and likewise the students against the Covid-19 pandemic.
According to the Union’s General Secretary, Mike Ene , he said government was playing politics with the directive. He added that he wondered how teachers , who had not been paid salaries in some states , would get money to buy personal protective equipment.
He further said that even no parents would want to make their wards be used as a guinea pig and that it is only who is alive that can speak of keeping hope alive.
Ene also said if government wanted teachers to resume , they should be provided with necessary materials and incentives.
He urged the government to ask Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to move around to make sure that the isolation centres are provided in schools and also ensured that the welfare and safety of the teachers are well taken care of.
The union hammered that government should stop taking teachers for granted and they should provide the necessity that will make the reopening of schools to be feasible before giving orders.

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