Covid-19 : FG Picks July To Decide Whether To Impose Another Lockdown

Chairman, Covid-19 Presidential Tasks Force, Boss Mustapha said the Federal Government would at the end of the month take a crucial decision on the lockdown declared to curtail the spread of COVID- 19 .
Mustapha said this during the PTF daily press briefing that government will notify the public as to whether to impose another lockdown or not.
He noted that at the beginning of the month of June , the PTF announced a one – month period for the implementation of the second phase of eased lock down.
Mustapha said that the PTF has continued to monitor developments nationwide in order to take informed decisions at the end of the month . He added by saying government has exactly eight days to that point of decision.
While answering a question on whether the government might consider a total lockdown again , Mustapha assured Nigerians that the decision that would be taken by month end would not any way amount to a change in strategy.
He said if there would be a change in strategy, it would be expected to come from the side of Nigerians .

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