Husband, 5 Others Beat Man Who Tries To Rescue Woman Who Is Being Beaten By Her Husband and Friends

A man has been beaten to a pulp for trying to help a domestic violence victim who was getting beaten by her husband and his friends.
According to the brother of the man who was badly beaten, his brother was driving when he saw 6 men beating a woman. One is the woman’s husband and the other are his friends.
The woman who was allegedly beaten by her husband, later took to Facebook to cry for help, revealing her life is in danger.
She posted: “Friends I was beaten today by the father of my son and he threatened to kill me,” she wrote, adding, “I have to ran out of his car on his way to the place I will be killed please my life is in danger I need help (sic)”.

The brother of the man who was beaten wrote on Twitter: “My Younger brother got beaten to a pulp by 6 men today. He saw them violating a Lady who is married to one of the men and he then pulled over to save the lady from them, they descended on him. This is so bad. My brother’s face is in a terrible state right with regrets!”

He also shared photos of the lady his brother tried to save and revealed that her life is in “serious danger.”

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