Man Who Has Been Sleeping With His Two Daughters For 7 Years Say It is Spiritual Attack

Peter Ayemoba, a 50-year-old man, who has been sleeping with his two daughters for seven years confessed to the police that he was under metaphysical attack.
The man who has four other sons while responding to interrogation from the police said he started having carnal knowledge of his two daughters after the demise of his wife in 2013 and that sleeping with his daughters made him to feel close to his late wife, adding that the romps he had with them allowed them to bond more.
He said the death of the wife got him so confused that he did not even know when started sleeping with his daughters.
He further said that he suspected that somebody must have placed a curse on him , because what he has done in the past seven years is not ordinary.
Mr. Peter further narrated that throughout the years of sleeping with his two daughters, it has never happened without their consent and that he always quote the section of the Bible where Lut slept with is daughter and was never punished whenever the daughters raised the issue that what they are doing his abomination.
He also said that in order to curb neighbours from suspecting, the daughters asked him to find a new wife which he did and the act still continues, most often when the new wife is not at home.
The daughters, apparently tired of the sexual demands of their father, they decided to report to a family member who turned him in to the police.
Ayemoba bitterly said that he is still in total surprised on what has been happening over the years, that it is nothing but a spiritual attack and he would have to sort things out in any way.
He also resigned to fate and said whatever the law has for him, he is ready to receive it.

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