Nyesom Wick-e and His Executive Order

For those that had watched the 2014 released American action packed movie titled; John Wick would come into conclusion that playing with the main actor’s dog carries a weighty penalty, let alone having the effrontery to kill it – that’s death, it can’t be escaped. In short, it is just like matching a cobra’s tail.

In this current situation which the world is into, I recently came across laughable thought inspired by lovers of the film which stated John Wick shouldn’t have been a film, and Corona should mistakenly enter Wick’s dog, so Wick could just help kill the virus. That’s funny.

Like Wick, some personalities as well have that thing that if anyone dares to mistakenly or intentionally meddle with, the person will have to see their other eyes – it may be yellow, blue or red. Especially, if they make a rule. It doesn’t matter who is who this time, the madness for that particular thing would have clouded the part of the brain which is responsible for identification of what is right or ‘left’. Often, when all dies down, it leaves them in had I know condition.

Since the start of the lockdown of a thing, whenever there is a news of Executive Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, what will follow will unmistakably be; “lockdown violation”. In the issue of monitoring lockdown violation, without much ado, Wike owns the Golden prize.

It was Wike that was reportedly accused Deputy Commissioner of Police of issuing pass for people to violate the lockdown. Before then, report had it that the governor ordered the arrest of two Caverton pilots for allegedly violating the lockdown measures in the state, after which the pilots were arraigned at a magistrate’s court, and were remanded for some weeks, even despite Hadi Sirika, minister of aviation, torpedoed this arbitrary action, saying aviation matters are strictly on the exclusive list of the federal government. There was also clip of him, himself arresting two women for violating the lockdown order.

And of recent, he demolished two hospitality facilities on the account of lockdown violation as well. This has garnered mixed reactions all over places. So, with this, one couldn’t but conclude that Wike’s Executive Decree, slip of pen, Order, is just like Wick’s bingo is to Wick, in which no one should play with.

Nigerians are used to this kind of rulership as this isn’t the first time, a governor will just wake up one morning and said a building worth millions of naira should be brought down all because of Executive Order while we claim to be running democracy. Isn’t proper due process that is needed to be followed?

Though, Wike has responded to the reasons of the demolition and claimed that he is following the written order. And that the act was done in order to serve as a deterrent to other violators. The buildings demolished actually belonged to a card carrying member of Wike’s party. Looking deeply into this act, common sense will tell that Wike is up to something more bigger, so, those residing in the state, especially the opposition party members should be extra careful.

However, someone should tell the Rivers governor that, Lagos State which is been affected most by this pandemic is keeping cool with governance, so are other states. They are not committing blunders as we have it in Rivers. Mobile courts are been utilized in order to execute what is enshrined in the lockdown order. And he should remember that he is an elected leader, thus, he should stop acting like a uniform one.

Written by: Hassan Temitope (@hatdapoet)

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