Nigerians Come For Man Who Brags About Assaulting His Wife

Nigerians have reacted on social media following a post by a man boasting of assaulting his wife.
Afobaje Maiyegun took to his Facebook account to announce his assault on his wife with pictures of the woman. The woman was in a pool of blood.
Maiyegun wrote on his Facebook page: “I beat my wife and am waiting for her police because I talk to a woman.”
His post drew wild reactions: many condemned him for not only beating up his wife, but also the boldness to post her bloody face on the social media taking.
Esom Vargilus responded: “Why did you beat your wife? You said you talked to a woman, yet it depends on what you discussed with the woman you talked to. Remember beating her up can not and will never solve the problems. Next time take a civilized approach.”
Dabio Michael condemned the action saying: “This is very very bad, even if she misbehave. You don’t need to beat her this way talk less of posting it. if you no what’s good for you, better delete it now…”
Bolanle Jerrison described the action as cowardice.
“This is animalistic act, posting it means it’s a deliberate wickedness. The law will take its course, ” Jerrison wrote.
Tayo Isaac cautioned him to delete the post, adding “You don’t have to post this on social media.
Even if you have misunderstanding with your wife, you try to play maturity and settle the matter amicably with her. This is not fair. Please, remove this picture because people will be sharing it and you don’t know what might be the end of it.”
Olawale Moshood described Maiyegun’s actions as stupid.
He said: “You don’t have too show us your stupidity on social media.
” So if you beat your wife, must we see the pictures or must you tell us about it on social media?
“If you like delete it and if you like don’t delete it, when the problem starts, no one will help you out. You post it on social media to show people how strong you are abi?”

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