Miyetti-Allah: we’ve lost billions of naira to COVID-19

Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Asociation of Nigeria said its members across the country have lost at least N5billion to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The association is the umbrella body of all cattle herders in the country. Its members ply their trade by moving cattle across the length and breadth of the country both for grazing and sale.

A member of the leadership of the Alhaji Yakubu Bello, gave this information while responding to the allegation that the Fulani community in Oyo State was keeping their kinsmen who sneaked into the state from the North, defiling the inter-state border restriction put in place by the Federal Government.

Mallam Bello, who was speaking on behalf of the association is a former chairman of the association. He added that against the allegation, his members were law-abiding and peaceful.

While the current realities are challenging for the whole country, Mallam Bello pointed that Miyetti Allah had not had it so bad in the past, even though efforts were being made to ensure that the restriction orders were adhered to by their members.

Mallam Bello emphasized that Fulani cow traders and herdsmen across the country are aware of the warning to stay off Oyo State until the restriction order on inter-state movement was vacated.

He said, “We have heard of cases of people that were arrested for defying inter-state lockdown order, whether they were coming from the North or anywhere from Nigeria, but I can tell you that nothing of such has happened from here.

He pointed the difficulty that all members of the association were facing even as they make efforts to get everyone to comply with the restrictions imposed by the government.

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