Bauchi Gov.: "COVID-19 is not a respecter of personality"

Governor of Bauchi, Bala Mohammed, though he manged to survive the COVID-19, many residents of the state do not believe COVID-19 is real .

The Governor while responding to an interview question said the state is still finding it difficult to get compliance from residents of Bauchi State on the laid down guidelines for preventing COVID-19.

The Governor of Bauchi State was the index case of the COVID-19 in the state. He had contracted the virus during one of his recent trips abroad. He described is case as the intervention of God to help prove that the virus could be defeated. He however, regrets that people are yet to take the pandemic as seriously as it should be taken.

He added that the virus is not a respecter of personality and that despite the ordered shutdown of all social gatherings including churches and mosques, people are still desirous of getting back to everyday life.

The Governor denied recommendations on the use of chloroquine as remedy which he confessed was administered to him — in treating the disease. The use of chloroquine for the treatment of the virus he added will only be applied in the event that medical experts recommend it.

At the time of this report, Bauchi is the sixth in the list of states in Nigeria most affected state with 182 confirmed cases of the disease.

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