COVID-19: US reopening will cause more deaths – Trump

Trump has admitted that reopening the United States economy will cause more deaths.

President Trump admitted that the lifting of social distancing and the reopening of the US. economy will likely lead to more deaths. He admitted to this during to an ABC News interview.

President Trump has continued to downplay the impact of the COVID-19 since the virus showed up. He shows this by not wearing face mask in all his public engagements. He was recently visiting a face mask producing facility and was yet without a face mask.

he also commenced a tour of production factories to encourage the return to normalcy in the economy. He was recently at the Honeywell factory in Phoenix, Arizona, where he was visiting for the first time since the corona-virus lock-down began.

The re-election of President Trump is coming up in November 2020 amidst 70,000 detahs from the corona virus and a forecast that tens of thousands more lives will be lest due to the virus.

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