UK minister quits over abuse of position

Conor Burns, an ally of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently resigned his ministerial position after an investigation by the House of Commons found him guilty of using his position to try to intimidate someone involved in a family dispute.

Until his resignation, he was a junior international trade minister who was recommended for suspension by the House of Commons Standards Committee recommended he stayed away from the lower parliamentary chamber for seven days.

It was reported that Burns used the House of Commons stationery in February 2019 while corresponding with a representative of the company involved in a loan repayment dispute with his father.

In the correspondence, Burns, who represents Bournemouth suggested he may raise the case for discussion in parliament leaving room for a him to be secures from any legal implications arising from the matter.

In delivering the verdict of the House Committee, the commissioner for standards, Kathryn Stone, concluded that his behaviour connoted a deeper implication for the image of the House of Commons beyond just bridging the House of Common’s Code of Conduct.

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