North Korea Leader Makes Public Appearance Amidst Death Rumour

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly made his first public appearance since April 11 when he attended a ceremony on Friday celebrating the completion of a fertilizer factory near the capital of Pyongyang.
This was coming from photo news posted by the Korean Central News Agency showing his arrival to the said event, but most national media outlets are yet to authenticate the news.

It should be recalled that there were rumours of Kim’s death late last month that a recent cardiovascular system procedure performed on April 12 left Kim in “grave danger. Although, a South Korean government official later disputed the report, saying Kim wasn’t seriously ill, and simply in recovery.
His reported attendance would end widespread suspicion regarding Kim’s health after he missed the birthday celebration of his late grandfather Kim Il Sung. Considered a major holiday, the North Korean leader would typically visit the mausoleum where the state founder was laid to rest.
Of similar case, in 2014, Kim disappeared for nearly six weeks before appearing before the public with a cane. South Korea’s spy agency claimed he had a cyst removed from his ankle.
KJU was reported to have attended a ribbon cutting event at the Sunchon fertilizer factory to mark May 1’s International Labor Day, making it his first public appearance in state media in 21 days.
The flurry of reports continued in recent days leading up to his alleged appearance.
Given the absence of reportage from the national media outlets aside Korean Central News Agency of the said event, rumours could very well continue to run rampant regarding the state of Kim’s health.

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