My earnest pleas: An open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari Muhammed Ishaq

Dear Mr. President,

With due respect to your hallowed office, Your Excellency. I write this letter to express some salient contents of my mind concerning your administration.

First, I do not dispute the fact that you remain the Nigerian president, despite the irregularities and malpractice that characterised and marred your re-election to this ‘tough’ next level. I know, at the end, the court’s verdict shall either validate or nullify your controversial second tenure.

Frankly speaking, your citizens are in dire and unprecedented hardship as Nigeria is now ranked the sixth most miserable country on earth due to your misgovernance. Nigeria is also ranked the world headquarters of poverty, overtaking India, courtesy of your bad policies. The number of unemployed Nigerians has snowballed to over 26 million in consequence of your cluelessness and passiveness.

The menace of kidnapping is taking a disproportionate dimension under your watch. We reliably got it on news that even your prayer warrior – Ahmed Suleiman, was a victim of incessant kidnapping that blossomed and flourished during your ‘last level.’ I hope Ahmed Suleiman had led a prayer session for his kidnappers the way he led a concatenation of prayer session for your victory to the next level notwithstanding the deteriorating state of defence and security under your reign.

Despite the above glaring fiascoes of your administration, some Nigerians, especially Northern Muslims remain defensive and supportive of your underperforming administration. This is not surprising as we were originally structured on ethnic and religious sentiments. It was this basis that catapulted you to the next level. Yes! We really reached next level but a ‘tough one’ indeed as you promised after your controversial re-election.

Your Excellency, it really seems disappointing and heartrending to repay Nigerians, especially your blind supporters, with ‘toughness’ for their steadfastness and sacrifices for your desperate struggle to get re-elected.

The gist here is that it is on news that you resolved to increase the Value Added Tax (VAT) by 50% despite the numerous words of caution and advice against this merciless notion by some prominent Nigerians such as Sarkin Kano, Muhammadu Sunusi, Ahmed, Bola Tinubu etc.

This implies that the prices of commodities and services will skyrocket sooner rather than later. This is a classical case of adding insult to the injury of the crippled.

Your Excellency, we have a strong conviction that your gullible supporters will keep supporting you in spite of your blatant brutalities meted out on them because they mostly suffer from what social psychologists termed ‘Collective Compulsive Madness’ (CCM). Supporting you becomes an unrenounceable religion for them. This is occasionally obtainable even in developed societies let alone in underdeveloped ones like ours.

Let me use the following cases to illustrate and prove the above assertion right. When you removed fuel subsidy, your supporters justified your action and supported you despite the fact that when your predecessor – Goodluck Jonathan, removed the same fuel subsidy, you and your supporters stood in total condemnation and violent protest. When you banned the importation of some essential commodities that resulted in the malnutrition and early deaths of uncountable Nigerians, they justified your action and supported you. When you allowed kidnappings and other criminal activities like armed banditry to flourish in places like Zamfara and Kaduna, they justified your action and supported you. When you failed to prosecute some notable criminals within your government, they justified your action and supported you. When you witch-hunted and persecuted your opponents and perceived enemies like Dasuki and Zakzaky, they justified your action and supported you. When you massacred thousands of Shiites in Zaria, they justified your action and supported you. When you failed to punish the killers of General Alkali, they justified your action and supported you. When you failed to defeat Boko Haram, they justified your action and supported you. When clashes between farmers and herdsmen aggravated in intensity and frequency, they justified your action and supported you. Cases of this nature are too numerous to mention. Now that you resolved to increase Value Added Tax (VAT), we know they will certainly justify your action and keep supporting you.

Hence, we acknowledge the massive support you enjoy from gullible Nigerians especially northerners, but we do sincerely plead with you to rescind this increment on Value Added Tax (VAT) considering the indescribable abyss of agony and hardship that Nigerians will inevitably plunge into.

I humbly and most respectfully hope that you will accept my earnest plea.

Yours in nation building,

Comrade Muhammed Ishaq, is the National Coordinator of the Northern Youths Congress for Progress (NYCP).

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